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20 posts in 3 months - Get Noticed contest summary!

This blog was kickstarted as a part of the Get Noticed contest, organized by Maciej Aniserowicz. To fulfill requirements, I had to write 20 posts and work on my own open source project. Last day, as well as my last contest post, is... today!

This post is my 20th in a three months period, which gives almost 2 posts per week. It was really hard for me. At the same time, I was studying, working in a software house and I have my own startup (if you are interested: Also, English is not my native language, so writing and proofreading took much more time than it would in Polish. On average, creating post took me ~5-6h. That's quite long, but I really wanted to pass some valuable knowledge in each publication. To my surprise, finding enough topics is easy, writing and working on a project was the hard part ;)

Blog stats for nerds

After each publication, I tried to share it on social media - mostly twitter, facebook and reddit. It worked really well, especially for posts with my own experiences and advices. In case you're curious, here are few screens from google analytics:


Acquisition sources:

Social channels:


As you can see, high-ranked reddit links and facebook fanpage are the best ways to find new users, at least in my case.

What posts were the most popular?


Post about Dockerfiles was by far the most popular on my blog. It went "viral", with almost 6000 page views in 2 days. I really recommend such experience for everyone. I was stupidly smiling all the time, with my nose in google analytics ;) Also, people shared that post on their own, what is a big compliment for author. In overall, it's responsible for almost half of traffic on my site.

To sum up, I'm really happy. In just 3 months my posts reached more than 10 000 people, and helped them (maybe a little bit, but always) with their problems.


On a daily basis, I'm a full-stack developer. I like challenges, that's why I decided to create project totally out of my business. Neural Image Upscaling is from machine learning world, which was a big unknown for me (now is just a bit less :P).

Project is sadly unfinished, contains mostly my Keras and TensorFlow excercises, but I'm still really happy what I've done. Most of project related posts were about things that I was learning. As I expected, Neural Networks is a very big topic, and hard to jump right in. I did some steps that prepared me for further research and ensured about this topic attractiveness.

Screen from my environment


Few days ago friend asked me how to solve particular problem, about initialization order of Docker containers. And guess what? I linked my own post with ready to use solution, and it was priceless :D

There are no cons. Blogging forces you to learn new concepts all the time. If you are doing something wrong, often your readers will help you find a proper way. You improve your grammar / vocabulary if you are writing in not your native language (I strongly encourage you to do so). You build your own professional profile. And the most important - you are giving something back to the community!

This blog just started and still requires a lot of work. Better theme, more interesting posts, maybe links to my own projects... But I'm sure about one thing - this is just the beginning. Thank you for reading!

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