Rock IT

About me


My name is Jakub. I'm 24 years old, I like good food, travelling... but it's probably not that important. Generally, my only real passion is programming and doing crazy IT related stuff. For last few years, I'm spending most of my time discovering new exciting things in a computer world. This blog is my first try to share my thoughts with rest of the IT world.

I believe in a broad knowledge. There's no point in tying myself to one tool or technology, while there are so many beautiful languages waiting to be discovered. Working all the time in the same environment may be comfortable, but slowly brain may forget how to learn new things. I'm trying to deliver new experiences, give a metaphorical 'wake up kick'. And I found out that I just really enjoy learning new stuff :)

English is not my native language, but most of my daily-basis work is done using it. I want to improve my grammar, vocabulary and writing skills,and writing is really cool way to do this. Just don't yell at my mistakes, It'll be better :)

Tech stuff

Currently work in progress. In meantime, you can find actual information on my LinkedIn profile.