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Better Docker experience with Dockerize

I've had some problems with my Docker images and docker-compose configuration. Let's analyze following docker-compose.yml file: version: '2' services: database: image: postgres application: image: command: node ports: - 80:80 Do you see anything wrong here? Probably not, because file is perfectly OK. But there's a problem! When you run docker-compose up, docker starts all...

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Multiple forms on one page in Django

Recently, I managed to solve this common problem in a general way that may be useful to others. Generally, it's a drop-in replacement for a FormView, that supports multiple forms on the same page (with just a minor change in template). Use case I wanted to display dynamic number of forms, each performing specific action. Site administrators were allowed to...

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Peek - great Linux GIF recorder

Do you ever wanted to record some part of your screen as a GIF image? I wanted many times - to show that new cool feature, how to reproduce bug, etc. Sadly, I had problems to find proper tool. I tried ImageMagick, but shell command just isn't a proper way to record screen. Recently, friend told me about a very...

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